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Info List (Ultimate VC Addons)

Numbered list business element vector

Info list is usually a series of text blocks with icons displayed in a list format. An info list element can have an icon, title & description / icon & title / icon & description.

Info List Example

To edit contents of your info list items, in the dashboard, go to the page where info list is used and find a few “Info List Item” blocks in the editor. Each “bullet point” is a separate “Info List Item”. 

If you need to edit text in the 3rd bullet point, hover over the 3rd “Info List Item” and click on the pen icon that will appear on hover.

An Info List Item Editor will pop up. In the editor, scroll down until you see the text you want to change (either a title or description) and change it. When finished with editing, click “Save changes” button. The pop up window will close. Update the page (top right corner blue “Update” button).