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Info Box (Ultimate)

Info box is similar to Info List but items are not connected with each other and each can have its own settings and style.

Examples of Info Box:

Info Box with an Icon, Title & Link

To edit an info box, login to the dashboard and go to the page this info box is used on. In the page editor, you will see a set of “Info Box” elements. Choose the one you want to edit and hover over it. Click on the pen icon when it appears on hover.

An Info Box Settings window will pop up. In there, scroll down till you see a “Title” field. You can edit it if required.

Scroll further down until you see “Add link” option. You can change/edit the link here.

Click “Select URL” button and change the URL. It can be a link to an external resource or a link to a page or file on your own website. If it’s a file, you will need to upload it into media library first and copy its link to paste into the URL field here. 

When a new URL is pasted, click “Set Link” button at the bottom.

You will then need to “Save Changes” in the info box settings window and also “Update” the page to apply your changes.