Edit Text - Express Web Studio

Edit Text

To edit text on any of your website’s pages, login to your website dashboard using the credentials provided on handover.

Go to Pages –> Choose a page you would like to edit text on –> Click on page title or click on “Edit” under the page title (appears on hover).¬† A page editor will open.

Once the page editor loaded, choose a text block you wish to edit and hover over it. A green toolbar will appear on hover – click on the pen icon to edit the block. A block editor window will pop up.

Once the block editor window popped up, you can edit your text in the same way you edit a regular text file. When finished with editing, click “Save Changes” to apply your changes to the text block.

When you finish with editing your text block and click “save changes”, the popup will close. Click on “Update” button in the top right corner of the page editor to apply your changes. At this stage you can go to your website’s front end and refresh that page to see your changes applied.

If you need more editing tools, you can toggle an editing toolbar by clicking on the toolbar icon as shown below.

This will give you additional styling tools like text colour.