Classes and Events (Filterable compact list) - Express Web Studio

Classes and Events (Filterable compact list)

To manage your events, login to your website dashboard and go to “Classes”. You will see the list of all your classes/events here.

Each class has a title, description, call to action button, category, location and date.

To edit an event, click on it in the events list. An event/class editor will open.

Change date.

Click on the Starting Date & Time in the top right corner and pick a new date from the calendar.

Click “Update” button to save your changes.

Add new event/class

The easiest way to create a new event is by duplicating any of the old ones. Go back to the list of classes and hover over any class. Click “Duplicate class” to make a copy of that class.

Click on the newly created class (you can tell it’s a new one by the publishing time).

You can now just replace info from that class copy with new info: change title, description, date.

Scroll further down and change class type and location (if applicable).

Don’t forget to “update” the page.

All past events are automatically hidden on the front end so you don’t have to remove them from the dashboard unless you want to clean up the list.