Adding a simple blog post - Express Web Studio

Adding a simple blog post

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To add a new simple blog post (text and images), login to your website dashboard –> Go to “Posts” –> Add New. A post editor will open. If you don’t see things as in the below image, you will need to click on “Backend Editor” button under the title area to enable visual editor.

Enter post title and click on “Add Element” Button.

A list of elements will pop up. Click on “Text Block” to add text to your post.

A text editor will popup where you can type up or paste your text. Don’t forget to click “Save changes” when done.

You should also set a featured image for your post to be displayed in the post grid. You can also choose a category for your post if applicable (or create a new one if needed)

Once finished with the post’s content, scroll up and click “Publish” (or “Update” if you’ve already published the post and were just making adjustments).