Add images to Image Gallery - Express Web Studio

Add images to Image Gallery

To add new images to your website’s gallery, go to the page with the gallery and edit it.

Inside the page editor, you will see an element called “Image Gallery”. Hover over it and click on the pen icon to edit.

An Image Gallery Settings window will pop up. Click on the plus icon to add more images. 

Please use an image resizer software like this one or a similar alternative for MacOS to resize your original images if they are over 1MB in size. This will help your website load faster. 

Once you click on the plus icon, you will be prompted to select images from your computer. Please do so and click “Add images”. You can select multiple images at once.

Once added, you can rearrange images by dragging them into desired order. You can also remove images by clicking on the “red cross” icon.

Don’t forget to Save Changes and Update the page.